Here you have answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What are the learning objectives?

To study the entire Bible in one year, aiming not only to read it, but also to learn about each book in detail, and
to explore its background: What, Where, Why, Who, When and How. The programme aims to faithfully study the
scripture, reducing emphasis on denominational or doctrinal interpretations. Its sole objective is to study the Word
of God, leaving the rest to the Holy Spirit.

What is the pedagogical approach?

This academic programme will be delivered in a blended-learning fashion. It will include video lectures, taught
virtually by respected Bible scholars based in the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as face-to-face
sessions led by protestant and evangelical pastors in Geneva. A facilitator-led discussion at the end of every class
will enhance the experience.

What is the programme methodology?

The teaching will consist of face-to-face and video-based lectures for approximately one year, with classes every
Saturday (half-day), from May of the first year to June of the second year. The programme will observe a one-month
interruption during the summer and another one-month hiatus around Christmas. It will require participants to read
the relevant book or chapters of the Bible during the week prior to each class. The entire curriculum will be delivered in English.


What are the learning materials?

All lectures and discussion will be based on the English Standard Version of the Bible. The required textbook will
be Unlocking the Bible. Each class includes a video by Rev. David Pawson on the specific book or chapters of the
Bible assigned for that week. The course will use additional videos by Dr. R. C. Sproul throughout the year.

What is the programme cost?

This programme carries no tuition cost. Every participant is expected to buy the required textbook and to bring it to
class, along with his or her Bible. All meals during the Saturday classes will be the responsibility of the participant.